Roland Vincent

42962860_312381729550928_6425529747811336192_n.pngRoland Vincent has been a professional campaign consultant and political strategist for almost 40 years.

In 1978 Vincent ran the now legendary California Initiative Constitutional Amendment Proposition 13 campaign, for Howard Jarvis, which placed a cap on real estate taxes in the state.

Jarvis and Vincent parted ways in 1980 when Jarvis sought to cut California’s progressive income tax rather than cutting the state sales tax which they had originally planned to address.

Jarvis’ Proposition 9 was opposed by the largest political coalition in California history, co-chaired by Vincent and Mickey Kantor (who would become US Trade Representative and then Secretary of Commerce under Bill Clinton).

President Jimmy Carter tapped Vincent to join his staff in 1980 as his political strategist in California and deputy campaign manager.

For the past 38 years Vincent has provided campaign expertise and consultation services to Democratic candidates for president, the US House and Senate, state offices in California, Nevada, New York, Illinois, and Florida, and municipal races in Los Angeles and New York City, among many others.


  • Professional Political Strategist and Campaign Consultant  1976-present
  • Consultant, Dennis Kucinich for president  2004, 2008
  • Consultant, Bill Bradley for president  2000
  • California Organizer, Jesse Jackson for president  1988
  • Consultant, Gary Hart for president  1984
  • Co-Chair, No on 9 (with Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor)  1980
  • Deputy Campaign Director, President Jimmy Carter 1980
  • Commissioner, City of Los Angeles, Mayor Tom Bradley  1973-1979
  • Campaign Manager, Howard Jarvis Proposition 13  1978
  • Campaign Director, Western US, Gov. George Wallace  1976
  • Campaign Manager, Wallace for President Primary Write-in  1972
  • Floor Manager, Democratic National Convention, Miami  1972
  • Professional political strategist  1976 to present
  • Adjunct professor of law, Mid Valley College of Law
  • Attorney, admitted to The State Bar of Nevada,  1985
  • Juris Doctor, Whittier Law School  1985
  • Marshall-Wythe School of Law, College of William and Mary  1982-1983
  • Investment Advisor, Giannini Financial Corporation  1975-1076
  • Stockbroker, Paine Webber  1973-1975
  • New York Stock Exchange admission, Fairfield University  1973