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Are you a Republican challenger to an incumbent establishment Democrat?

Are you in a tightly contested race?

Is the incumbent vulnerable?

Do you want an edge that could put you over the top in November?

You are in the right place!

And have we got something for you!

For years Democratic leaders have effectively coerced progressives into supporting whichever corporate Democrats were nominated as being preferable to the Republicans.

With the possibility of actually taking the party away from corporatists, many progressives are rejecting the notion that supporting corporate Democrats over Republicans accomplishes anything substantive whatsoever. Indeed, reelecting incumbent corporatists is counter productive to progressive efforts in the party, as incumbents wield considerable power at all levels of party organizations.

On the other hand, ensuring the defeat of corporate Democrats could hasten the day progressives become the dominant force in the Democratic party.

The defeat of incumbent corporatist Democrats by Republican challengers in close contests can be accomplished by what is known as Strategic Voting.

Strategic Voting is the use of one’s vote to accomplish a goal that can be  quite unrelated to the specific election in question.

By progressives employing Strategic Voting, Republicans will be gaining an advantage in tightly contested House and Senate races. Progressives will gain the possibility of removing another obstacle to their efforts to gain control of the Democratic party.

Targeted voters would be Bernie Sanders supporters.

The messages would be that this Democratic incumbent hurt Bernie in 2016 and will do so again in 2020, and that this Democratic incumbent has a voting record of such and such, which is utterly unacceptable to progressives.

The skilled delivery of those messages to voters we identify is the service we are offering to Republican challengers to incumbent establishment Democrats.

The National Republican Congressional Committee and the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee might wish to employ our services even in some longshot races for the publicity value alone.

Every progressive dissuaded from voting for the Democrat is one more vote for the Republican challenger.

Every progressive persuaded to vote Republican is a loss of two votes for the Democrat.

Strategic Voting means strategic spending of strategic dollars. Eroding opposition support forces the incumbent to go off message and on the defensive. The incumbent must either embrace the left wing of the Democratic party or alienate it. If the incumbent runs to the left the Republican challenger can appeal to centrist Democrats. If the incumbent rejects the Democratic left, the greater the fall off of progressives voters and the greater chance of progressives punishing the incumbent.

If you are challenging an incumbent Democratic Member of the House, a Democratic Senator, or a sitting Democratic governor, your opponent is a superdelegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. And likely was one at the 2016 Convention. If so, it is probable that your opponent voted for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

Which could be invaluable to your campaign if properly raised with progressive constituents.

The Democratic national Committee (DNC) is already helping incumbent Democrats circle the wagons on this explosive issue.

It is ironic that a party which bills itself as “democratic” would employ the absurdly unfair and anti-democratic mechanism of superdelegates at their national conventions.

Superdelegates include former presidents, present and former party leaders, sitting Democratic governors, Democratic mayors of major cities, all Democratic Members of the House and Senate, etc.  Under the rules which controlled the 2016 Convention, superdelegates were free to vote for whomever they wished. As most were party hacks and corporatist Democrats, they flocked to Hillary Clinton, and earned the enmity of progressives across the country.

To placate progressives and convince them to support incumbent Democrats, the DNC responded to demands that the superdelegate system be scrapped by agreeing to allow superdelegates to vote for whomever they wished, but only on the second and subsequent ballots.

As a practical matter, the DNC has not surrendered much. Because all Democratic primaries and caucuses award delegates on a proportional basis, it would be tactically feasible to deny Bernie Sanders, or another progressive, a first ballot victory with the simple expedient of keeping an additional couple of corporatist candidates in the race, whereupon superdelegates will be the kingmakers and could hand the nomination to another Clintonite candidate.

The Democratic leadership recognizes the potential damage that could result if the outrage of progressives were to be skillfully developed and focused upon the very people who prevented Bernie Sanders from being the Democratic nominee in 2016: superdelegates.

And the largest group of superdelegates are incumbent Democrats in Congress.

Every incumbent Democrat in the House or Senate who is defeated is one less superdelegate whom progressives must deal with at the 2020 Democratic Convention.

Time is of the essence. Your political future could well depend upon adding us to your campaign.

Politics is all about the biggest bang for the buck.

And our bang will be nuclear!